Hedge Your Bets Noble IPA

Hedge Your Bets Noble IPA



Noble IPA

Colour: Golden

ABV: 5%

Suggested Glassware: Ale Glass

Tasting Notes: Go hog wild with this new unique IPA composed of new world and traditional German hops from the Hallertau region and fermented with Kölsch yeast bridging the gap between a crushable lager and a modern, citrus punch IPA. Hedge Your Bets pours a sunny golden copper with persistent head, gentle carbonation and a dry finish. Rolling aromas of peach rings, lemon-lime soda and dried mango lead into a sonic boom of flavour profiles like lavender shortbread, passion fruit and jasmine tea, with gentle wisps of resinous herbal spice. The bold hop character is playful, yet assertive with a smooth bitterness and quill vibes. It’s time to Hedge Your Bets because this IPA is here to stay!.

Release Date: February, 2024

Memoria White Wine Pilsner

Memoria White Wine Pilsner




Colour: Light Yellow

ABV: 4.6%

Suggested Glassware: Teku Glass

Tasting Notes: In celebration of our seventh anniversary, Memoria combines two of our favorite styles of beer. By carefully blending a mixed-fermented Saison aged on white wine grape skins and a Czech Pale Lager, we feel this beer is a great representation of our commitment to craft. Aromas of fresh cut grass, sauvignon blanc grapes and funky tropical fruit lead to flavours of lemon custard and elderflower with earthy and floral notes. The finish is smooth and complex with a medium body and balanced acidity. We are honored to present you this beer and are grateful for your ongoing support, we wouldn’t be here without you.

Release Date: November 4th, 2023

Party Animal Hazy IPA

Party Animal Hazy IPA



Colour: Hazy Gold

ABV: 6.5%

Suggested Glassware: Ale Glass 

Tasting Notes: A new breed of Hazy IPA. Party Animal diverts and evolves from our Missing Lynx Midwest IPA using a combination of thiolized yeast and alternative hopping methods. Wheat and oats provide a fluffy base for this hop saturated IPA. We scrapped the bitterness and used a new hop product called Incognito to amplify the juiciness. Expect aromas of ripe mango and citrus fruit with a soft, pillowy mouthfeel and low bitterness. This juice bomb will have you partying all night long!

This batch was heavily mash hopped and incorporates Citra Incognito, as well as Citra, along with New Zealand Nelson Sauvin and Motueka to amplify the tropical thiol character.

Release Date: January 27, 2023


Piccolo Munich Style Helles

Piccolo Munich Style Helles



Munich Helles

Colour: Pale Straw

ABV: 4.8%

Suggested Glassware: Pilsner Glass

Tasting Notes: Our German-style Helles is the lightest and most approachable beer in our lager series. A beer for beer lovers, this Helles is a perfect balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness. It pours a cloudy straw yellow with a lasting white head. Enjoy aromas of fresh baked bread and honey leading to flavours of graham cracker, lemon and brioche. The finish is clean, crisp, and refreshing with a subtle sweetness that leaves you wanting more. This highly versatile beer pairs well with pizza, salty and spicey foods or sitting in the sun on a beautiful day

Release Date: April 2022


Tart Wild Ale w/ Quince

Tart Wild Ale w/ Quince

Tart Wild Ale with Quince



Colour: Golden

ABV: 5.5%

Suggested Glassware: Teku Glass

Tasting Notes: Fresh quince from Salt Spring Island, fermented with our house culture of Brett C and Lacto. Aromas of apple, pineapple and pear. Bright acidity.

Release Date: January 2022