Window into a Dark Room v.1

Window into a Dark Room v.1

a glass of Window into a Dark Room V.1

Window into a Dark Room v.1

Nutella Inspired Imperial Stout with hazelnut and cacao 

Colour: Dark

ABV: 11.9%

Suggested Glassware: Teku 

Tasting Notes: We are very excited to announce a new barrel project to look forward to here at Luppolo!Window Into A Dark Room is a new series of beers that will showcase rich, full bodied stouts BEFORE they are barrel aged, blended and packaged many months (or years) later. This will allow you a brief glimpse into what you can expect from us in the future when the beer is finally bottled!The base of this beer may vary in order to create different blending components, but you can always expect our stouts to be rich, full bodied, and decadent. The type of adjuncts we use will vary depending on the base. 

In order to give you a glimpse into what this beer will become, we’ve saved a very small amount of our first fresh stout and dosed it with hazelnut and cacao nibs giving you a balance of sweet, salty, and nutty. Expect bold flavours of chocolate, dark roasted coffee and a cacophony of dark fruit and roasted malt aromas.

Release Date: December 23, 2023