Collaboration with Barnside Brewing (Delta, BC)

Colour: Pale Straw

ABV: 3.8%

Suggested Glassware: Krug

Tasting Notes: Terra, or land in Italian, highlights the terroir of British Columbia. This special collaboration with our friends Barnside Brewing, is made with 100% local pilsner and wheat malt from Field Five Farm and utilizes a locally grown experimental hop that was aged for almost two years at Barnside. This unique hop was aged specifically to produce their spontaneous beer.The whole cone aged hops were added to the mash and offer a unique and complex aroma and flavour profile that includes woody and earthy, tea-like characteristics. We paired this with a touch of their fresh Sterling hops for balance, and then we fermented Terra with a strain of Czech lager yeast to compliment the low alcohol and rustic nature of a table lager.Terra was single decocted and naturally carbonated to create a fluffy mouthfeel with a substantial head of foam. This rustic lager takes elements of both saison and gueuze to create a unique beer that is both confounding and refreshing. By paying homage to traditional brewing methods but with our own West Coast twist, together with Barnside we believe Terra is the natural connection between land and beer.

Release Date: May 30 2024