Ottavia Barrel Aged Blended Beers


A Blend of Mixed Fermentation Barrel Aged Beers

Colour: Blush

ABV: 7%

Suggested Glassware: Wine Glass

Tasting Notes: Ottavia is a ruby-hued beer that has fruit-forward aromas of ripe red berries, followed by flavours of raisin and pepper with a vinous finish. Ottavia is elegant and delicate with subtle acidity and gentle carbonation.

Story Behind the Beer: Ottavia & Carolina, named after two of the owner’s twin daughters, are complex and playful beers that brings together grain and grape in a nod to the Italian Grape Ale style. Using the same base beers, with varying proportions, these beers were carefully blended to create variations that are uniquely their own. Borrowing process techniques from winemaking to incorporate the use of Pinot Noir grapes with a mixed-culture barrel-aged golden ale allowed us to elevate each ingredient.

Release Date: November 2020