West Coast Pilsner

Colour: Pale Straw

ABV: 5%

Suggested Glassware: Pilsner Glass

Tasting Notes: Onda, which means wave in Italian, is quintessentially West Coast and showcases our love of blending old traditions with new ones. This West Coast pilsner blends the crisp, clean flavours of an old-world German-style pilsner with the hoppy aromatics of a West Coast IPA. It pours a pale straw yellow with a slight chill haze and a fluffy white head. Aromas of tangerine, tropical fruit, and melon with a subtle floral character roll into flavours of honey, graham cracker, and a gentle bitterness balanced by malt sweetness. We hope you can catch a break and enjoy this beer as much as we do.

Release Date: October 2022