Mexican Style Dark Lager

collaboration with Chancho Tortilleria

Colour: Deep Amber

ABV: 4.6%

Suggested Glassware: Pilsner Glass

Tasting Notes:Como Chanchos, or “Thick as Thieves”, is a special collaboration with our friends @chanchotortilleria. Chancho was the first restaurant that Luppolo sold draught beer to 7 years ago, and we have been como chanchos ever since!

Chancho’s dedication to the quality of their ingredients and their food is exceptional, and we are incredibly excited to highlight that shared commitment in this beer. Como Chanchos is our take on a Mexican-style Dark Lager that incorporates raw and nixtamalized corn native to the Oaxacan region of Mexico which Chancho sources for their tortillas from small, independent farmers who have cultivated maize for millennia.

Made using a cereal mash, gently hopped, and lagered forever, this beer is the perfect mix of a summer crusher and a warming winter lager. We used a blend of different malts to give the beer color and a hint of dark malt character while keeping it very light and easy drinking. We get aromas of fresh corn tortilla, horchata, abuelita’s fried buñuelos and rooibos tea with a medium body and a low but balanced bitterness.

Release Date: January 23, 2024