The food program at Luppolo Brewing is a partnership with Mordimi Bite of Italy.

Mordimi, a cozy local pizzeria formerly located in the heart of the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood, was forced to shut doors when COVID-19 hit. Their space was too small to accommodate guests while maintaining social distancing and the catering side of their business was no longer viable.  Owners Luca Colasanti and Silvia Mayela Mora Romero had two options: find a new home for their beloved pizzeria or pack their oven into Luca’s grandmother’s garage. Luca immediately thought of Luppolo, whose co-owners he knew through friends of friends. He knew Luppolo shared a similar vision of wanting to share a little bit of Italian culture here in Vancouver and from there a beautiful partnership was born!

Luca is extremely passionate about pizza and has spent years perfecting his recipe. His dough takes five days to prepare, uses a mix of high-quality organic flour, and is flavourful and light. The pizza is a hybrid of the best of Neapolitan and Roman style pizza – soft on the inside, with a light crunch on the outside. The toppings include a variety of high quality Italian products as well as local seasonal items.

Menu is Available Tuesday - Thursday at 2p

Friday-Sunday at 12pm